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  • We are blessed to have Brian and his crew care for our home in Wachesaw Plantation. Their attention to detail means we don't have to be concerned about a thing. We stand in amazement watching the crew pull weeds out of flower beds, trim impossibly large shrubs to perfection, trim Palm trees that soar in the sky and keep our lawn looking beautiful.
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About Us

Backwoods Landscaping is family owned and celebrating over 20 years of service to the Grand Strand and Conway. We strive to provide superior, timely service to our customers and quality, original work.  Backwoods is a considerably large company with four large maintenance lift trucks fully equipped.  We also have two landscape trucks that also help with maintenance when not involved in landscape construction. 

Backwoods Landscaping also owns an under brushing machine to offer underbrush mulching to our customers as needed. We have the latest equipment and utilities at our disposal.  Our equipment is maintenanced on a regular basis. 

Backwoods typically employs anywhere from 12-20 employees depending on the time of year and work loads.  We have the ability to expand to a larger workforce at any given time given the need.  Our company is a great place to work and provides a strong work ethic.  We work hard to ensure we have reliable hard working employees.  In light of the current economy, finding a good reliable business can be difficult.  Backwoods ensures you that we are here to stay! 

God has been good to us and we have endured this tough economic downturn!  Bryan Richardson is owner of Backwoods Landscaping LLC.  He is personally involved in the day to day operations and ensures that each customer receives the highest level of quality work available.  He is available at any time to offer customers any assistance or advice they may need.  He is a native of the Grand Strand and lives in Conway.  He is married to wife, Amy, and has two girls Regan and Reese and a little boy, James Bryan!

Backwoods has become a well-known name among the commercial and construction community in this area as well as many well-known residential locations.  We have a strong presence in neighborhoods such as Wachesaw Plantation, Prestwick Country Club, Plantation Point and Plantation Lakes.  We also do work in the Grande Dunes and other various communities along the Grand Strand.  We bid community work for HOAs and contractors alike. Backwoods is licensed in various municipalities in the area and obtains other licenses as needed depending on location of work.  We are insured fully with workers compensation insurance and general liability, automobile and equipment liability, and commercial umbrella and can provide certificates for those.  We are insured with Carolina Underwriters. Please feel free to ask about us!  We look forward to providing you with the service we have taken pride in over the years..